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EASA 2010

August 27, 2010

Currently working on a competition entry so it’s been a rather busy week to say the least. Anyhow, I did get the chance to pop over to Manchester to see the end of EASA 2010 (European Architecture Students’ Assembly.) With workshops and events running for two weeks, all culminating on the Saturday I arrived, there was a great sense of accomplishment along with tired faces. I did get a chance to visit most of the resultant exhibitions and spaces, and I have to say some of the work is quite an impressive achievement for two weeks work. Hope Mill had some great gems and ideas, and the Small Interventions workshop was particularly good. A friend, Donnchadha Gallagher, ran and tutored the workshop, Aural Mapping, which consisted of sounds of the city environment of Manchester being recorded, and then played back to its inhabitants through a pavillion which was situated outside the City Hall. An appropriate workshop given Manchester’s famous music scene.

The final presentations of the workshops took place in a old drained swimming pool in Victoria Baths on the south side of the city. An amazing space, and quite unusual to see it being used in the manner it was. Reinforces my thoughts on allowing space to not be over-designed, instead, to be itself, allowing itself to be adapted and re-used, forgoing its initial intentions. Space that lasts.

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