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Our Place Project

November 5, 2010

Our Place, initiated by Ryan Hamill of IDIR (Our Place Post), was a project I was involved with that ran over the past few weeks. It was a great and challenging experience working with the IAF again, South Dublin County Council’s Noise South Dublin and the National Learning Network. I always find such initiatives to be hugely beneficial to any party involved. Not only does it help spread an appreciation for the built environment with the participants, but it also gave a huge insight to myself, as a student, as to how members of a community view and interact with the architecture that surrounds them.

It’s great to see such projects being carried out, and to find such great facilities available in Tallaght, particularly the Mac room at Rua Red. I was amazed at how quickly the participants came to grasp programs such as Photoshop, and SketchUp and how they were able to utilise them to demonstrate their ideas. Under the supervision and help of Tori Durrer of Noise, and James Hyde of the NLN, the project consisted of a process of discussion, debate and investigation of the Tallaght area, culminating in a series of images that demonstrate a playful and imaginative response to what the Tallaght environment could be, giving back a sense of ownership to its inhabitants and reclaiming the public domain once again as our place.

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